Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife If you are among married women whose husbands are not obedient. Your husband does not want to talk to you and he probably does not love you because of his marital relationship with another woman. If your husband is not listening to you, then you come to the right article.

Because here in this article, we will provide you a definite solution to your problems with your husband. After reading this article, you will find a way to get your husband’s love back in your life. So, stay here in this article and read everything in detail and do not miss any single word. Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

When you do this prayer for a husband, you have to promise yourself that you will listen to it with a sincere heart. Because we all know, marriage is the most beautiful step taken by two souls. The husband-wife relationship is like that of Tom and Jerry who fight and tease each other but cannot live without each other.

In order to have a successful and happy marriage, it is necessary for a couple to talk with each other. You really need to know what is happening in your daily life. A husband and wife quarrel over trivial matters, but patiently listen to the one who is angry, to solve the difference. Keep calm and wait for the right time to tell them your important thoughts. Give husband the power to give a husband a stipend to get love back.

The relationship between husband and wife should be like the wings of a bird which flutters together to fly in the sky. Like them, a husband and wife should also make constant efforts to make their marriage worth it. No one can deny the fact that the best relationships are those that trust and understand each other.

Blessings for obedient husband
Marriage is about trust, respect and love. You should trust and love a human being more than anyone. If your husband is saying anything to you, then first you have to understand what he is saying and then, tell him anything. Let us know some rules of husband-wife relationship. Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

Husband and wife rules:

Never allow anyone that he is a friend between you and your spouse.
Never pronounce bad words from your partner to your friends, cousins ​​and relatives, no matter how upset you are with his bad behavior.
Do not support someone who hates, disrespects and insults your spouse. Make them realize that the two of you are one.
If you will hear anything from anyone else, you will probably destroy your relationship with your spouse. So, avoid third person interference and follow the above rules.

Marriage loses its charm and love because a husband never listens to his wife. If you are among those wives whose husband never listens to you, then try to take help of our Molvi ji to make her husband obedient. Our Molvi ji selflessly provide services to depressed wives. Inshallah, after that, both of you (husband and a wife) will live happily with each other. Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

Here is the prayer for obedient husband: –

Allahumma Salli Ali Muhammad wa Ali Ali

Kama Sallaita Ale Ibrahim wa Ale in Muhammad

Ali Ibrahim Inca Hamdoom Majid. Allahumma

Barik ala muhammadde wa wa ala ali

Kama Barkat Al Ibrahim in Muhammad

Wa alla ibrahim inna aka hami dum majid

Pray your husband listen to wife
Not only India but many other countries are male dominated countries. Here, in all these countries, men are given a lot of preference as to how they look at things. What are their beliefs or how do they want their wives to behave or what to do? No freedom is given to women whether it is about giving voice to their opinions and suggestions.

Pray for husband to be wife

Every man desires that his wife blindly follow his man without uttering any words. If you are experiencing a bad marriage because your husband does not listen to you. He does not say anything to you, what is going on in his mind, and does not value your point.

So, at that time, our sisters should not be discouraged, listening to the husband talk to the wife and the spiritual accusation for the husband in Islam will surely give you amazing results. Pray at your home or book an appointment with our Molvi ji, if you do not know the correct procedure to do. He will explain to you how and when to pray and seek the blessings of Allah.

Read “Darud e-Ibrahim”, the stipend eleven times.
Recite the Wazifa “Yaa Valio” a thousand times per day for 7 days.
Stipend to attract husband

In various countries, husbands have the misconception that they cannot do anything wrong. Everything they do or say is hundred percent right and their wife should follow everything. His wife tilts her head whatever they say but no man on this earth can always be right

So, if your husband treats you the same way, try to understand him. The scholarship in Islam will fix your problem. Experts in dealing with this type of issue, our Molvi ji will try to help you. By the grace of the Merciful Allah, he will recite Dua and Wazifa for the husband’s attraction to his wife so that you can live a healthy married life.

Blessings for husband
There is a bitter truth to be told to our superiors that when you live with someone like a wife / husband or friend / family member. There will be 100% disputes, difference in stay and fights. But how do you handle the phase that matters the most. Dua Wazifa for Obedient husband or Make Him listen to wife

If you have quarreled with your loved one, some misunderstandings have arisen between the husband and wife. Sometimes if your dear husband is not obedient to you, we advise you to take help of our Molvi ji.

After talking with our Molvi ji, you will see an effective change in your husband’s behavior. You will see a great modification of the way he used to treat you then and now. All husband-wife relationship issues will start to decrease day by day.

Islamic religion is not about “we are better than you”. Islamic religion is about showing you the path that is good for you ”.

Love your partner more than your career, hobbies and money. Handle your partner with patience, cut your ego, shower him with love. Even if your husband is against you and you are trying a lot to talk. But if she is still arrogant and cold towards you, then follow the dua to make the husband obedient and listen to the wife.

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