how to do black magic in Hindi

how to do black magic in Hindi

How to do black magic This is the most pressing question to ourselves. This method is used to control one’s mind or to fulfill one’s fantasies with someone. It is also used to stop you from your fantasies or for your need. how to do black magic in Hindi

At the point of life, when you feel everything is happening against you, you can perform black magic to get the result you want. If you need to know how to do black magic to change the situation according to your wishes, then you are going to read the right article.

how to do black magic in Hindi

Consider the result you need
If you feel that some inconvenient things are happening constantly, then at that point, you need to perform a black magic to fix it? Black magic is an art that is done to satisfy your needs or to satisfy your needs by controlling another person.

But if you want to help other people or realize some type of peace and equity, don’t go with black magic. If you want to benefit from this for your personal use, then you should consider a black magic specialist. Here are some reasons why people do black magic. how to do black magic in Hindi

To control someone: If someone is hurting you and you wish to stop them, you can use a binding spell to stop a person’s activities.
To attract someone: The love mantra plays an effective role when it comes to making someone love you.
To talk with the dead.
Basics of black magic rituals
The rituals you use to perform black magic will depend on your needs. There are various rituals ranging from chanting everything to taking money to raise the dead from their tomb. Most of the rituals include the following components:

Pick a place for spelling.
A circle is drawn on the casting area, and a panty is drawn inside the circle. This is known as the power of energy.
Expressions of energy are repeated three times.
You are ready to face the consequences.
How to do black magic
How to do black magic
Black magic spells can always bring negative results, so it should not be treated lightly. The triple law states that the return you give is triple. Do you think that magic spells are strong enough to bear the black magic given to hurt you? Do some things clearly, the result you are planning to achieve is completely reasonable, despite all the trouble.

Black magic process?

Black magic spells
Draw a circle with a pentagram inside
When performing black magic, the above image is used in almost all cases. It is prepared using a stick that falls from a hazel tree on the ground. If hazelwood is not accessible, you can use a stick or any other real to make the picture. Choose an important area that will give your mantra the most chance to work.

Choose a forest area or a place where no one goes. This may work best because spirits do not have to go to a populated place.
Memorial Park can be a place to take in when you are attracted to the dead.
Move to the drawn image
Once you reach inside the circle, focus. You will need all the energy inside you to complete the mantra.

Recite the words of your mantra
Each spell has different powers that are recurred to get the results you need. If you think of evil or the presence of another soul, you must take its real name before it works with magic.

There is no mantra that will serve to bring true love back. Work a spell, or make your own.
Spell your spell
A grimoire is a textbook for spells, which contains instructions on how to perform a spell.

Get ready for your results
If your mantra works, the result will be visible and some effects will also be visible to you. Everything will be under your plan or thinking.

But if you have summoned a soul, you have to reach that soul or soul. They may not be loyal to their summons.

People are also keen to find the lost love by Kala Jadoo.

Placing a Hex

Create a poppet
Choose a slightly darker fabric and cut the two layers into slightly different shapes. The shape should look like the one you need to put the hex on. Sew the edges together, however, leaving the head uneven.

Black cloth works best, however, you can choose a darker color if you do not have one.
Use common ingredients to make poppets.
Fill poppet
Fill it with earth, a pair of effective gems, and hair and nail clipping from the person you need to hex. Sew upward to close the poppet.

Establish a sacred circle
Draw a circle using chalk, at that point draw a pentagram inside it. On the other hand, you can draw a holy hover on a paper. Light candles around the circle before you go inside.

Execute it
Stay in the circle and express your spelling words on the poppet. Forgive the words of the mantra thrice. Here is an example to complete your hex:

To do magic and keep the person safe from taking negative effects, “Tie me to your feet so that you can hurt me.” I tied your hands to not hurt me. I spread my mouth with stories to hurt you. Stop sending negative energy to your brain to hurt me. Accept it in front of the prophet while wrapping it with lace.
To spell a love, say the words, “Light a fire.” light the fire. Red is a shadow of need. “
Let the candle burn

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